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Medicare Course for Consumers
Meet your Instructor
How to sign up for the free course

Making Medicare Decisions
Watch this FIRST---Making Medicare Decisions
How to sign up for the rest of the lessons in the free course
Does the perfect Medicare Plan exist?
How to sign up for Medicare Step By Step

Prescription Drug Plans
Why you Need a Drug Plan
How Part D works (Part D Primer)
Find the Drug Plan that will save you the most money
How to add a pharmacy in a different zip code

Medicare Advantage
Top Ten reasons to choose Medicare Advantage
How Medicare Advantage PPOs differ from Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)
How to change from MAPD to Medigap
How to find a doctor that accepts original Medicare and your Medigap Plan
Does my Medigap plan cover....

Medigap Standardized Plans and how they work
Plan F
Plan G
Plan N
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
Plan D
Plan K
Plan L
Plan M
High Deductible Plan F How it works

Medicare Basics
ABCs of Medicare

Watch this FIRST---Making Medicare Decisions

This might be the most important lesson of this course. Updated in 2020, this 17 minute video helps you determine which type of plan works best for you-- MAPD or Medigap?

Making Medicare Decisions