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Medicare Course for Consumers
Meet your Instructor
How to sign up for the free course

Making Medicare Decisions
Watch this FIRST---Making Medicare Decisions
How to sign up for the rest of the lessons in the free course
Does the perfect Medicare Plan exist?

Prescription Drug Plans
Why you Need a Drug Plan
How Part D works (Part D Primer)
Find the Drug Plan that will save you the most money
How to add a pharmacy in a different zip code
How to Read your Drug plan Comparison
How to review your drug plan each year

Medicare Advantage
Top Ten reasons to choose Medicare Advantage
Trial Right: What you need to know
How Medicare Advantage PPOs differ from Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)
How to change from MAPD to Medigap
CA only: You might be able to get a Medigap even if you have health conditions
How to find a doctor that accepts original Medicare and your Medigap Plan
Does my Medigap plan cover....

Medigap Standardized Plans and how they work
Most Popular Plan F
Next Most Popular Plan G
3rd most popular Plan N
Plan A How it works
Plan B How it works
Plan C: How it works and is it going away?
Plan D (this is NOT Part D!) How it works
The downside of Plan F Extra or Innovative Plan F
Plan K: How it works
Plan L: How it works
High Deductible Plan F How it works
Plan M: How it works

Medicare Basics
How to sign up for Medicare Step By Step
ABCs of Medicare

Watch this FIRST---Making Medicare Decisions

This might be the most important less of this course. This 15 minute video helps you determine which type of plan works best for you-- MAPD or Medigap?

Making Medicare Decisions